Kinaesthetic Infant Handling


Kinaesthetics = study of body motion

Infant Handling = touching of the newborn


We know that it is a considerable adjustment for newborns to suddenly feel the gravitational pull.

With infant handling, you can support your child to find comfort in its new surroundings. The development of natural motion sequences and sensory perception in the newborn are specifically targeted and fostered. Newborns can experience the movements better, follow the sequences more easily, and, thus, comprehend and develop them further. As a result, orientation is conveyed to the newborn, whereby it is more calm during movements. Through the spiral motions, air can escape and colics as well as stool issues decrease.

This way of performing actions together is very enjoyable for both child and parents and contributes to well-being and satisfaction on both sides.


If requested, I can instruct you about infant handling during a home visit.