Outpatient puerperium

Monika Pfeiffer

As puerperium count the first eight weeks after birth. This phase usually involves physical, social as well as emotional changes.

I would be happy to accompany and support you and your family in this new situation during those eight weeks.


The costs for puerperal care are covered as follows:

80% are paid by your basic health insurance and 10% by your residential community, so that you are left with a maximum of 7.65 Sfr. per day.

This is the new care funding (01.01.2020) of the canton Zurich. 

I can advise, instruct, and oversee you and your child on the following topics: 


  • Vital signs, umbilical cure, weight development
  • Diet
  • Infant handling
  • Blood sampling (Guthrie-testing, bilirubin on request)



  • Blood sampling
  • Wound healing and re-formation of the uterus
  • Removal of braces after a caesarean section
  • Variants of baby slings
  • Re-bonding
  • Support during loss and grief


Breast-feeding and nursing

  • Breast-feeding and feeding positions
  • Breastfeeding of twins
  • Application of breast pump
  • Consultation on sore nipples
  • Consultation on galactostasia and mastitis
  • Change-over to puree-diet



German, English, sparse French and Italian


Puerperium in the following regions:

Winterthur, Illnau- Effretikon, Zürcher Oberland

Other districts on request