About me

I was born on 07.07.1982 and am the mother oft two sons

(2009 & 2011).


In 2005, I finished my education as nurse (higher professional school) at the children’s hospital Zurich. During my professional career, I have worked at the University Hospital Zurich, at the hospital Uster, and at the Kantonsspital Winterthur.

There, I was able to gain substantial experience and to steadily develop and broaden my knowledge in the areas of breast-feeding and the puerperium. In the gynaecological department, I learnt to support during loss and grief.

Since 2015, I have been working as the substitution consultant for mothers and fathers in Winterthur and, in addition, as consultant for mothers in Bremgarten since 2016. 

Consulting, supporting, and accompanying parents in their new situation brings me much joy. I can incorporate my multifaceted experiences perfectly into the puerperal care and share them with you.



I would be happy to accompany, support and advise you and your family during the first, important and intensive time after birth. 

Monika Pfeiffer Wochenbett

Ambulante Wochenbettpflege Monika Pfeiffer


SBK Swiss professional association for nursing